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Removing a device from a Scene using the Insteon Hub

Last Updated: Mar 04, 2015 05:34PM PST

This article uses screenshots taken from an Apple device running iOS 7. While the steps are the same, the look of the application will vary based on the version of operating system and device platform being used.

Follow the steps below to remove a device from a Scene created by the Insteon Hub. This is required whenever removing a device from the Insteon Hub.

Before removing a device from a scene, make sure the device is connected to power. If you no longer have the device or the device has stopped functioning, see Force Removing a device from the Insteon Hub.


  1. Tap the device you wish to remove from a scene

  2. Tap the plus sign beneath the Quick Control

  3. Tap Settings > Edit This

  4. Tap Scene Memberships

  5. Tap the name of the scene from which you wish to remove the device

  6. Tap the Edit button in the upper right corner

  7. Tap Edit Scene

  8. Uncheck the device to remove it from the scene and then tap Next

  9. Tap Done to save your changes

Your Insteon Hub will remove the selected device(s) from the specified scene.

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