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LED Bulb not turing ON (with Hub)

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2015 02:14PM PST

  When the LED Bulb ships from the factory, its default setting, when powered ON, is to be 100% ON. This is so that when the bulb is linked, it will be visible to the user. Sometimes, you will get a bulb that does not turn on, or, the bulb was off when it was moved from one place to another. When the bulb is linked in these situations, it will link at 1% intensity, which has no visibility of being ON. This does not mean that the bulb is broken; we just need to perform some troubleshooting steps to correct the issue. You will need the LED bulb and your Insteon for Hub application on your mobile device.

1. Find a fixture that we can use to screw in the LED Bulb. Ensure that the fixture is on. Do not screw the LED Bulb in yet.
2. Log into the Insteon for Hub application.
3. Go to “Add a device”
4. Select “LED Bulb”
5. Screw the LED Bulb into the light fixture. The bulb will not turn on
6. Hit “Next” on the Insteon for Hub application. (It may have already picked up the LED Bulb.)
7. When the Hub locates the bulb it will proceed to “testing communications”
8. After the communications test, you will be at the device settings page. Here you can name your LED Bulb and set a schedule if you want. When you are finished tap on “Done.”
9.  Locate your LED Bulb in the Insteon for Hub application under devices.
10. Try turning the LED Bulb on and off.

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