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IP Camera not adding to iOS (advanced)

Last Updated: May 08, 2015 07:15PM PDT

   A majority of the camera fails are due password issues. This can include login username/passwords that have spaces or special characters, or are longer than 10 characters in length. This will cause the app to error while trying to save the settings. Another common issue is the Wi-Fi password incorrectly typed into the app. Follow the steps below to try to troubleshoot this issue.

1. Perform a factory reset on the camera (Press and hold the rest button down for 30 seconds)
2. Re-attach the camera to the back of the router
3. On the Insteon for Hub application go to: settings-->edit settings, scroll down and get “latest configuration”
4. Scroll up and tap on devices
5. Make sure that you do not see “anonymous” or “camera” in the list
6. If you do see "anonymous" or "camera" delete it out of the application. 
7. Go to an available computer and download/install the appropriate IP Camera Tool
8. Wait for the IP address to show up in the camera tool.
9. Highlight the address, right click and select “Network Configuration”
10. Change the HTTP Port to something like ~25110
11. Click OK
12. Wait for the IP Address to come back on the tool and ensure that the port shows up at the end of the IP address.
13. Double click the IP address and log into the camera using username “admin” and leave the password field blank.
14. Select the appropriate browser.
15. Click on “device management” in the lower left hand corner
16. Click on “User Settings”
17. Set the user name and password. Only letters and numbers. No spaces or special characters. Max of 10 characters. It is case sensitive.
18. Press “submit” and then re-log in using the new user/password information to ensure that it works.
19. On the computer, log back into the camera (if necessary)
20. Go to “Device Management”
21. Click on “Wireless LAN Settings”
22. Click the “Scan” button
23. After the 10 second countdown timer, select the customer Wi-Fi Network in the top box. Information will populate below
24. In the last box labeled “share key” enter in the Wi-Fi password. You may want to get the password directly from the router if possible. *** (some users will have key 1 through 4. Enter the Wi-Fi password into key 1 if you have it)
25. Click “submit” and wait for the countdown timer to finish.
26. After the countdown finishes, disconnect the Ethernet cable from the back of the camera (the camera might start moving around, that is normal)
27. Close the browser and open up the IP camera tool.
28. In about 30 seconds to 1 ½ minutes the IP address should re-appear in the IP camera tool.
29. Log into the Hub application on the mobile device and go to add a device.
30. Select IP camera and choose “manual setup”
31. Key in the IP address and port number and hit next.
32. Enter in the correct username and password.
33. Select the fourth option “My device is already configured”
34. When you get to the device settings page, rename the camera and save then press done.
35. In the Insteon for Hub app, check to see if you are getting a picture from the camera. You may have to tap on the screen to refresh the picture.

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