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Fix for Hub (2242-222) not linking to any devices through app

Last Updated: Jul 28, 2016 11:41AM PDT
Problem: Cannot add devices to the app
Detail: When attempting to add in devices through the Insteon for Hub app, you hear the double-beep from the Hub, however the app will not progress to the ‘found a device’ page, or will not progress past test 3 of 10.

  1. From within the app, go to Settings > Account
  2. Tap ‘Delete Account’
  3. Factory reset the Hub
    • Remove power
    • Press and hold the reset button located on the back of the Hub
    • With the reset button held, re-apply power and the Hub will begin a long beep
    • Once the beep stops, release the button and you will hear a double-beep
    • Wait 30 seconds and then power cycle the Hub
  4. In a web browser, navigate to the following address: connect.insteon.com/getinfo.asp
  5. You will see something similar to the following
  6. Click on link for your Hub
  7. Append the URL with /buffstatus.xml the URL might look something like this:
  8. If the information looks like this, please proceed with the rest of the steps

    If it looks like this, follow network troubleshooting
  9. Download the attached file 2242-xxx_Web-Alert-Firm2-6+YF_20130219.bin
    You will find the link at the bottom of the page
  10.  Install the firmware by appending the Hub URL with the following: /mpfsupload
    the page will look something like this:
  11. Click Choose File and navigate to the downloaded .bin file
  12. Click Upload
  13. A successful upload will look like this
  14. Click Test Unit to verify firmware.
  15. You will see something like this
  16. Go back to the buffstatus.xml page and verify that it looks something like this:
  17. Close the browser
  18. Relaunch Insteon for Hub app and re-create your account
  19. Verify that the app successfully adds your device

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