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Manually setting the time on your Insteon Hub 1

Last Updated: Jul 28, 2016 11:44AM PDT
In order to verify that the Hub’s internal clock is properly set you will first want to open the Insteon for Hub app and navigate to the Settings menu and verify the IP and port that your Hub is currently on as well as the username and password for the internal pages of your Hub (this is a second layer of security and will be a different password than you use to log into the Hub.)

 To find this information you will want to click on the cog wheel in the bottom right hand corner of your app, select “Edit Settings”, and select “House”.

    ->      ->

You will need the IP address and username and password listed on this page to access the Hub’s clock. By default the password listed at the bottom will be displayed as dots. Selecting “Hub Password” will display the password for your Hub’s settings web page. Once you have this info you will want to open a web browser and navigate to the Hub’s internal settings page. This page will be the (IP address):(port number)/network.htm
When your browser navigates to this page you will be prompted to log in.

Log in using the Username and password found in the “Edit House” menu of the Insteon for Hub app and you will be directed to the Hub’s Settings page where you can check the clock.
The Hub will display it’s time on this page in 24-hr format.

If you notice that the time is incorrect you can easily set the time by entering the correct time in the field immediately below the time and day. Once you have entered the time and selected AM or PM you will want to click the “Set Time” button.

The changes will be displayed immediately, once set, at the top of this Settings page.

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