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Create a Scene in Houselinc

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2014 11:37AM PDT
For this example we are going to use an 8 button Keypad, a 6 button Keypad, and a Fanlinc. When the Fan Scenes are created in Houselinc the buttons on both keypads will control the fan speeds and also mirror each other.
Once the devices have been added to the software we will want to set up some scenes. You will first want to select the scenes tab in the top left side of the window.

We can add a new scene by right-clicking in the white space under the scenes list on the left hand side and clicking Add a new Scene. For this scene example we will have two keypads that both control a FanLinc to its various fan speeds and all buttons on both Keypads will mirror each other.                                     

We will name the first Scene “Fan Low”
Once we have created the scene and highlighted it in the scenes menu we will add the devices we want to include in this scene.
Include:                       FanLinc, 8 button Keypad (Scene C, D, E, F), 6 button Keypad (Scene A, B, C, D)
We see that the devices included in the scene will automatically go to the top of the list on the right hand side of the screen and are automatically responders to the scene.
Since we want the buttons to follow each other we will want to first determine which buttons will be controllers of this scene. (check the controller box for Scene C of our 8 Button and Scene A of our 6 button).  We will also want to make sure that the response of the other included buttons is appropriate for this Fan Low setting.
You will want to select “Edit” to the right of the responder check box and change the responses to the other buttons in this scene react like we want them to.

This should bring up a pop-up that will allow us to change the responses of our scene responders.

When the Low fan setting is on we want the other Fan Speed Buttons to turn off so the keypads show us the correct status of the fan.
Set the following keypad buttons to a response of Off:
            8 button Keypad (Scene D, E, F)
            6 button Keypad (Scene B, C, D)
We will also want to edit the response of the FanLinc to be set to Level Low.
At this point both keypad buttons will mirror each other, the fan will set itself to Low when either of the control buttons are pressed, and all the other fan buttons will turn off when the Low mode is activated.
When everything is set we will want to click save.

Now we will want to set up a couple more scenes for the other Fan speed levels.
Create the following scenes (using the same two Keypads and buttons from the Fan Low Scene):
Fan Medium

Fan High

Fan Off


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