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Create an Event in Houselinc

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2014 11:38AM PDT
This article assumes that you have already configured Houselinc for email notifications.

We will want to click on the Events Tab toward the top of the screen.

Click the button to Add Event and we can set it up.

When the Event screen comes up we will be able to drag and drop what we want the event to do.
For this example we want to set up an email notification if motion is triggered after dark.
First, drag the motion sensor from your devices list on the left hand side into the Trigger(s) section of the event on the right hand side. (This will cause the event to trigger when motion is sensed)

Now we want to make sure it is only triggered when motion is sensed and it is also dark outside. To accomplish this, drag the Clock icon (in the Tools section of the Event) into the Condition section.
As you can see, by default the Clock Condition will automatically select If it’s Light outside.

We will want to click Edit and change this to If it’s Dark outside. Then we will click Save.
Now to have this Event send an email we will simply drag the Email Icon from the Tools Section of the Event into the Action(s) section.
When this is dragged into the Action section a box will appear where you are able to select the specific notification you would like to receive when this event is triggered.

Once you have input your message Click Save and click OK at the bottom of the Event Screen. (This should take us back to the events page) We can test the event by right clicking on it and selecting Test.
That’s it! You have successfully configured email alerts for a motion sensor after dark.

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