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HouseLinc 2.10.8 Update

Last Updated: Jul 28, 2016 01:26PM PDT
Database related fixes
  • HouseLinc honors device changes that are made locally
  • Whole house sync no longer checks device but rather will sync regardless
  • Fixed corruption of devices database after deleting of a linked device
  • Fixed issue with verifying writes to checksum devices
  • Fixed issue with reading devices with full databases
  • Fixed a problem where a device was left in a state of synchronizing if there were errors during a synch
  • Optimized synch so that modifications are written first
  • Fixed links tab and advanced tab showing different links
  • Other database improvements and fixes
  • Fixed room and location information on motion sensor
  • Fixed issues related to Motion Sensor as well as adding ability to remove group 2 reporting
  • Fixed issue when Motion Sensor causing half-links to show up
  • Added support for newer devices
  • Battery Devices get FIRST priority
  • Other Insteon gateways have HouseLinc management turned off
  • Fixed thermostat reporting status setting
  • Fixed issues related to saving scenes
UI fixes
  • Fixed an issue where using arrow keys to navigate devices (left pane) would not refresh to selected device
  • Crashes fixes related to editing a scene
  • And many more UI fixes and improvements
Other fixes
  • Increase "smarthops" hop count on retries
  • Changed Status request to ask where on level is headed in selected dimmer devices
  • Diagnostics now gets signal to noise values based on device type
  • Added the ability to see all links including false links in Advanced tab
  • Window settings saved for Signaling Diagnostics
  • Added ability to delete links from the Advanced tab (right-click) as well as display room and name for each link
  • Changed Smarthome IP Camera name to Insteon IP Camera
  • Added support for Global Cache iTach infrared devices

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